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Go-Anywhere 3D Capture

If you can get a person there, we can model There.

Accurate models are useful, but experiencing the unsurpassed photorealism in our work will drop your jaw. You’ll believe you’re there right



These “flatties” give you an idea, but contact us for a live 3D demo.


Turnkey or Stand Alone

3D Capture

3D Capture

Hi-fidelity virtual worlds begin with reflected light in the real world converted to pristine scan data.

Scene Reconstruction

Scene Reconstruction

Source scan data enters a workflow pipeline delivering textured models for offline and realtime rendering.

Game Development

Game Development

Entertain, educate, or research with video games and serious games.



Information design for education modules and exhibits, ideas guiding display technology.


Photo2Topo is here to revolutionize digitizing Place. It is to CG art today as the invention of the camera was to the 1830s, a time when likenesses of people and landscapes fell to (expensive) painters. Once again, art is on the move.

Our virtual environments serve a great variety of applications, each telling a different story. All stories begin with establishing the basic; Where are we? When are we? Who are we? Establishing the Where — no matter how inaccessible, historically sensitive, or dangerous — is now possible with Photo2Topo’s patented capture technology. Source data is pushed through a pipeline to produce textured, high-resolution models, then moved into 3D animation tools and gaming development software to flesh out content for film, video games, serious games, and virtual reality.

A wave of all things Reality Capture is in motion. Scans of objects and entire landscapes are old hat. Until now, the texture information provided by photogrammetry has been limited to what’s possible with ambient lighting, with advanced studio lighting, and with labor-intensive post-processing. Until now, there’s been no efficient means to deliver the delit photography required in offline renderers and real time game engines to unleash the power of dynamic CG lighting, much less to achieve this within the source data in a go-anywhere capture system. 


Deeply layered technology feeds a pipeline transforming capture data into believable worlds from a distance. When we’ve all done our job (we being the many tool makers and skilled tool users we partner with), there’s true magic when at last the technology disappears to the experience.

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